Sabtu, 01 April 2017

Lunch at hotel.. very delicious and finally take off at 8pm.

Malindo gave us a beautiful hotel and we had a great lunch...we were then taken to the airport and again given a snack..after that we had to check in. For some unknown reason this took an extremely long time more than 2 hours. Also the staff did not insist on discipline, namely on getting in line. We were the only check in where 10 people were all at the front. No one was obeying the please wait behind the line sign. The length of time for check in was said to be to was due to the problem of baggage. 

If I could summaries the problem faced by the group on  flight Malindo OD 186 1 April 2017. There was no clear communication with the passengers from the very beginning.  The staff did not have a standard procedure in place for such an event of a delay of 17 hours. They were at a loss at what to do and also had no good communication and cooperation with the Sri Lankan immigration officials. They should have gathered us and clearly set out the procedure and looked after us. They spent 5 hours doing nothing for us especially for the children and the elderly. Not even giving us water or a place to gather. In the end after people were exhausted and emotionally at their edge, at 5 am they began doing something constructive.  I hope that an event such as this would not happen again for anyone and I hope Malindo will make sure it doesn't happen again. The staff worked hard but the procedures were not in place to make good response to a 17 hr. delay. Thanks to the staff that had to work in such conditions.

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

Malindo experience contd

We eventually were put into hotel GALADARI hotel Colombo. .at 7am in the morning. We had breakfast..and a sleep.

The Malindo experience! !!

I arrived early at the Colombo airport and as usual did the usual rutin. At check in they mentioned something about a delay but then at KL they would fix it up.. it was a long wait and I already had positioned myself near the gate.. once I panicked because there was other planes scheduled from that gate.. I even asked an attendant and he said yes! gate 12 is correct.  I sat down again and then I heard an announcement that the flight had been delayed till 1730. It was 01.00. I didn't believe my ears... checked the board and yes it read..delayed until 1730.
I quickly rushed down the corridor and asked at information. .and he said..over there ..and there were about 50 people gathering about a lady who was given the task of representing the airline.
So we are still waiting to be organized to go to a hotel. is now opportunity to learn and practice patience!!!!

The after effects of the 30 year war are still felt.

We called into one parish and the parish priest Fr. SEBASTIAN OMI was not there, however there was a group mainly women gathered together to listen to a man from caritas. He told us that this group meets regularly and they are part of a "peace and reconciliation" program that is run throughout the area. I was told that the women were mostly widows as a result of the war. They were preparing themselves for a live in experience with some Sinhalese families. They also are thaught some  Sinhalese language. There are many wounds and trauma that these people experienced and so the Oblates have centers for counselling and help for them.

A famous Oblate in Mannar district.

There is a well loved and famous Oblate missionary who pioneered the church in the Mannar area.
Fr. ANDRE CIERPKA OMI. He was the one to establish the church. He was born in Poland and died in Jaffna.. thank God for such Oblates.!

Shine on the coast...Our Lady of a safe Journey

On the coast about an hours drive from Jaffna there is a well known place for pilgrimages. There is a church as well as grounds where people can gather and pray and rest. Close by too is a calm beach with smooth sand and it is also a popular swimming place. Fr. LOSHINGTON OMI is the pastor there and is ready to welcome pilgrims. There is a tradition of candles there that one lights a candle which is the same height as the pilgrim and one has to wait until the candle has completely burned up.. this could take some time..!!!